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"We had a great experience working with Connie and her staff. They were knowledgeable and responsive to our needs. The entire process of purchasing property was very smooth and hassle free. Her insights were helpful when negotiating a price and completing the deal. She clearly knows the area and takes the time to make sure that her customers come first."  - S & M Larson

"I used a few other realtors in an attempt to sell my property prior to finding and using Connie and her team. She sold my property within 5 months! What I believe sets Connie apart from her competitors is her team approach and outstanding (and relentless) marketing communication process. Everyone on her team was very easy to work with and the symmetry between the team members is seamless. I highly recommend Connie and her team if you want to get your property sold at a price that will satisfy your desire." -  J Maring

"Our experience with Connie and her team was fantastic. We've known Connie for many years and trust her. She provides a high level of service and is very detail-oriented. The entire process was seamless. We certainly enjoyed working with Connie and would recommend her highly." - A Andropolis

"Connie and her team provided one of the smoothest real estate transactions we’ve ever been involved with. From the very first interaction with Connie, there is no doubt she is the consummate professional. Integrity, communication and attention to detail are Connie’s top priorities. She has also managed to put together a support team of individuals that seamlessly handle every detail. Buying and/or selling a home doesn’t have to be stressful! We highly recommend contacting Connie Erickson to handle your next real estate transaction in Door County. Enthusiastically... 5 stars!" - L Howard

"Our experience in listing our Door County property with Connie Erickson and Door County Realty was excellent.

My wife and I  met Connie through friends some years ago and we contacted her when we had first thoughts of selling our seasonal property.  She provided valuable insights and information although knowing that we were not planning on immediately listing our property.

Several years passed ; we reached the  decision to sell , again called Connie and listed our property with Door County Realty.  We found her advice to be invaluable with her long real estate experience and her knowledge, not only of Door County real estate values, but particularly of values in our area.  In addition, we were impressed with  the entire staff at Door County Realty.  They were  knowledgeable, helpful and friendly in all of our dealings.

 We considered ourselves fortunate when we entrusted the sale of our property to the know-how and experience of Connie Erickson and Door County Realty".  - T Guilfoile

"Thank you, Connie, for everything you did for us. Here's a copy of the review I submitted to Zillow:  Connie and her team are true professionals and are a joy to work with.   She helped us at all stages of the sale of our house; staging, pricing, negotiating, arranging for necessary repairs...all of which resulted in the rapid sale of our house at the price we hoped to get. We loved working with her because she made the entire process painless for us, an experience that literally is worth its weight in gold. Go, Connie!!!

And, thank you for making a meaningful donation on our behalf.  Well done!"  P & C Himmelfarb

"We looked for property in Door county for over three years. When we gave specifics to Connie she was tireless and on top of everything for the complete period. the property we purchased required a expertise that only Connie could have provided based on her knowledge and persistence to stick with it on every step of the way. We have purchased quite a few properties and no one has every provided the skill that she maintains..." - T & G Crowe

"Connie found the right condo for us. She was responsive to our many emails. She is very knowledgeable about the area and gave us good advice. We enjoyed working with Connie and recommend her highly. " - L & B Hamill

"Connie is a no nonsense professional. She is an honest person that in my opinion has high integrity. I would recommend Connie and her very capable staff to anyone.Below are some of the reasons for my comments. 1. Prompt 2. Followed up with us on a regular basis updating listings that met our criteria. 3. Had a complete knowledge of the market in the area we were looking 4. stayed with the accepted offer right through closing making sure everything was taken care of." -  Ron Kammerzelt

“….I want to take this opportunity to thank you and the entire Door County Realty team for your services in connection with the sale of our house.  It has been almost ten years since we have been through the entire process and had forgotten how many details need to be attended to, between making a decision to sell and concluding the closing.  Add to that the specific requirements of each state in terms of documents, tests, and filings the work load is enormous.

From your original presentation, which was the most professional by far of those we interviewed, to quickly presenting an acceptable offer and then the many weeks of follow up, (we) are convinced we made the best REALTOR selection possible.

We would like to extend our highest recommendation to your future clients."  – W & S Jacobs 


"I want to thank you for everything  you did to complete the sale of my property.  You said you would sell it and your promise came true.

If anything came up and was a problem, for me, you were always ready and found somebody to help my situation

and put me at ease.  Living in (out of state), as I do, my capability was limited.  When a problem came up and I thought "what now" all I had to do was blink my eyes and you had it covered for me.  It isn't any wonder you are the #1 REALTOR in Door County.  I wish you another successful year in 2015.

My heartful "thanks" to you, Connie.  It was a pleasure working with you and gaining a new friend.  Anyone wanting to buy or sell real estate, in Door Co., should not look any farther than your doorstep.

Your staff is incredible, also, but then they had a good teacher.  I received an e-mail or phone call from one of them as soon as I was needed to be contacted.  What a blessing to have wonderful people like  Becky and Kirsten working for your business.  My thanks to them, als

I said I would gladly send you a letter on your performance and how pleased I  am with how the sale went.

I wish you only the best in the future and may God Bless You Forever."  - Ruth G


"Once again you and Door county Realty have delivered everything you promised!  Our seventh transaction together was especially problematic and everyone told us to expect 3-5 years before our property sold.  You said “Price it right and follow my time-tested process and it will never take that long.”

Four months later we closed to buyers from out of town that we like and are a perfect fit.   Some luck- to be sure- but also a great marketing and sales effort.  You managed to assure the buyers that we took seriously their needs and concerns….that we had their best interest at heart.  And so, baby step by baby step you held our hands through a maze of decisions, any of which could have broken the deal.

Thank you for truly being “Our real estate agent for life”." - Allin & Margaret

"I originally found Connie on the internet and scheduled an appointment "just to look" at properties that might be available for our budget in Door County. Connie showed us a few properties and then, listening to us carefully, she said, "Wait, I think I may know just the right place". It wasn't what we said we wanted, it was what she knew we wanted. Sure enough, the place was just perfect for our family. Even after the sale was complete, Connie has been there for our family as we began to learn the local ways. She helped us find a contractor to refinish the basement and other services that were new to us. Connie is more than someone to help buy and sell property, she helps you really "move in" to your community. ​"  - J & B Porter

"My husband and I initially contacted Connie in July of 2014 based on positive reviews I had seen on Zillow. We were interested in purchasing a vacation condo or townhome in Sister Bay and ended up closing on the perfect property in October. I can't say enough positive things about Connie and her staff's professionalism and responsiveness. We knew we were in good hands every step of the way. The purchase process of our property was tricky and I would receive either an email or a telephone call every 3-4 days to let me know how things were progressing. Even after we purchased the property, we had a problem that needed immediate attention. I called Connie and within 10 minutes had people at my door who resolved the problem. Overall, Connie's knowledge of the market, professionalism, responsiveness and staff are reasons I would not hesitate to recommend Connie."  - K Morris

"At a time when it was necessary to sell my home, Connie was motivated and enthusiastic. I was so impressed by the energy she put forth in this endeavor. Because of her valuable experience, she was able to guide me through the process and let me know that she really cared. Her excellent staff were by my side as well." - P Kitchin

"It was a pleasure working with Connie. Connie's knowledge of the housing market in Door County and her organized approach to getting things done is truly amazing. Whether a you're a buyer or seller we highly recommend her! From two happy sellers!!!" - L & N Noesen

"Connie and her team were professional and attentive to our needs as we went through the process of purchasing a garage in Door County. Connie knew that we were looking for a garage for our condo and persevered until she found us one! We would highly recommend Connie!"  - K & B Pennoyer

"Connie is very knowledgeable of the many specific areas of Door County and their attributes. She was very helpful in determining a fair, competitive price and in working through the paperwork. She keeps us updated on the real estate market. What really impressed us, however, was that she worked hard to market our vacant lot. A couple had been looking at single family dwellings with her. After learning what the couple's interests were, she highly recommended our vacant lot as a place they would love, having access to the lake and to trails on Natural Resources Public property. The couple looked at it and agreed. If she had not taken an interest in her clients, we might still be waiting for our lot to sell!"  - J & D Haus

"I chose Connie because I see her name all over the place in Door Co. We have been vacationing there for 30 years and had a cottage there for about 15 years. I did some research on realtors and land sales and she was just the logical pick. I have certainly be validated in that choice. She did a great job." -S. Sullivan

"Working with Connie allowed my family to experience the beauty of Door County by becoming an owner of this special place. Connie worked tirelessly to research and secure the property of our dreams. She did a wonderful job and I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone who may be interested in a Door County property." - D. Bertler

"There were two reasons we contacted Connie to list the house.  Rosemary's friend
had shared with her that Connie was a very good realtor, (Her friend) lives in Ellison Bay and years before Connie had sold a condo to (her) and her friend.  Also, when Rosemary had relisted the house with (another real estate company) last summer, Connie came to preview the house and had positive comments to make.  I was very glad and impressed that another realtor showed some interest in the house and at least came to look at the house.  When I went to Connie's website I found a lot of information regarding home sales in Door County for these past few years available for everyone to see.( This was information I had been asking the other realty company for. ) I was then kicking myself for not doing a better job at finding a realtor.  Shortly before the listing ended with the other realty company, I contacted Connie to find out if she was interested in listing the house.  At this point we are feeling very good
and feel that Connie and her team will make every effort to find a buyer for our home. Thank you." - Mary Ann Johnson

"We owned a cottage property in Baileys Harbor that had been in the family for over 50 years that we felt was time to sell. Having lived in Door County (Sturgeon Bay) for 30 plus years, my husband and I are very familiar with those who deal in the local real estate market. Watching over the years and doing our research, we felt that Connie would be a good fit for us. Which proved to be true as Connie handled our property sale with professionalism, knowledge of the market, and attention to detail. She realized we had an emotional attachment to this family property and she even addressed that in a sensitive manner. We were thankful for the decision to go with Connie Erickson."  Lucy & Thomas Groth

"Connie is an amazing realtor. She does what she says she\'s going to do. That is a hard quality to find in this day an age. My experience with Connie has been an A plus experience."  Patty Kanter

"Thank you Connie! You and your team did a great job in bringing in qualified buyers for us. You provided timely feedback after showings and worked effectively with the other realtor in ensuring that both the buyer and the seller had a win-win transaction. - Patsy Reichert"

"Shawna and I have marveled at your energy, enthusiasm, and organizational skills.    I don’t think many REALTORS (or business people) would have invested as much time and personal capital into putting together as complicated transaction as you did.  Our family appreciates your hard work and optimistic approach.  We’ll hopefully enjoy our place on Clark for generations." - Steve & Shawna Landes

"You're the gift that keeps giving Connie! “ - Denice & Ken Hubbard

"We valued Connie's thoroughness, her attention to detail, and her prompt response time. Kirsten was also great to work with. She handled all follow-up issues with ease and efficiency. Connie and the entire Erickson team instilled confidence and made us feel like they "had our backs" at every juncture."

Amy and Paul Devine


"Hi Connie … I just wanted to drop you a quick note thanking you for selling our unit! 

First, I was blown away that you received 2 offers within a month of listing our condo.  Then I was even more amazed when not one single thing went wrong during the entire process.  The process with you and your team was absolutely perfect!

Now I understand why you are the best in Door County!

On a personal level … I love your style and its so great to see such a strong woman dominating the market like you are.  I look forward to sending as much business as I possibly can your way.  

Its been a pleasure!"  Amy & Tim Brady


"Connie, We’re glad we got to see you before we beat it out of town. Our return trip went well, after a melancholy start. Thanks for all the multiple notes, gifts and other missives. They all arrived at once; the postal carrier will no doubt send you a bill for a truss. Thanks also, and of course, for the amazing job you and your staff did. Considering the distance involved and the current environment, your ability to make the sale happen so quickly and so smoothly is a testament to your capabilities…and our ability to pick good properties (only half kidding). We enjoyed the ride. And, as Arnold warned: “We’ll be back.” Best, Al and Jen (and Sam and Ben)"

Al and Jen (and Sam and Ben) 

"Hey Connie, it’s Gail and Bill (Sutterlin). We want to thank you for all your hard work on my dad’s house. I know we would have never sold it if you weren’t the REALTOR, you ROCKED it and put a lot of time and effort in and we are all extremely grateful this Thanksgiving for you. We hope you had a good one and again thank you very much. You did a fantastic job and that bad boy would still be sittin’ if Connie weren’t the REALTOR of the year. Great job, kudos and again our heartfelt THANKS! Bye."

Gail and Bill Sutterlin

"The best thing of working with Connie Erickson was the good advice throughout our experience and the excellent communication which did not end after we listed the property with Connie."   

 Dr. and Mrs. Craig Holmes

"Hi Connie, I was listening in on your Webinar Presentation yesterday and was so floored by your energy, commitment and excellence! You are one of the most generous clients I’ve encountered. Connie, it is obvious to me why you are so successful and well respected. What strikes me about people like you, is that your secret is in what you give, not what you get and this creates an inherent positive energy around you that simply attracts success. Thank you for sharing all of the information with us and with those who were listening in. It made my day! Warm regards, Stacy Pfeifer"   

Stacy Pfeifer

"Dear Connie, Every time I receive my Advocate I promise myself that I would write and thank you for the subscription. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I enjoy reading about one of my favorite pieces of land. Thank you for all your wonderful advice and expertise in realty. I absolutely loved your straight forwardness and honesty. You are the best. I hope all is going well for you, as it is for me. Chuck joins me in sending all our very best. With Fond and Warm Regards, Kash Yamada"   

 Kash Yamada

"Connie--I am writing in followup to our property closing, your inquiry about the quality of service provided and to express a very appreciative "Thank you."

As you know, since we had initially decided to undertake our very own "personal property search," our journey to finding that special place literally took us all over Door County. After two years of unsuccessful and increasingly frustrating effort and, on seeing your many signs, we decided to meet you and seek some help. Though it took us two years to seek assistance and meet you, it took you only about 30 minutes to assess our wants and point us to the right parcels. And, as you know, after our very helpful first visit and our visit to several properties, we decided to purchase in Baileys Harbor.

We want you to know that, while we were initially very impressed with your assistance, we became absolutely convinced that we had made the right decision in seeking your help because of your knowledge of Door County, the current real estate market, your assistance in responding to our many questions, your professional and personal integrity, the offering of positive suggestions and, of course, your outstanding follow-through to the closing on the property. Your service was exemplary! You made our purchase an absolute pleasure! If we can be of assistance you may, as the need arises, call on us as a reference. We in turn we will be referring our friends and family to you.

Again, thank your for your outstanding professional and personal service and for making our Door County adventure so enjoyable."

Ann and Maury Sullivan

"These comments should not be taken lightly. I have thirty years in real estate lending; my wife has thirteen. In our business, we deal with REALTORS® daily. Door County Realty, Connie, and her support staff specifically is beyond a doubt the best I have ever seen! The marketing efforts were exceptional and obviously effective...the negotiating skills are exceptional! The communication skills are unparalleled! I pity the opposition - no contest."   

 Dan and Diane Breitzman

"You have a great firm. You kept us informed, and you were always on top of things. If we hear of anyone looking for property in the Door County area, we will give him or her your name and number. Once again, 'THANKS' for everything." 

The Lempke Family

"Thank you for all your work, ideas, commitment, and support in helping me sell the Summit Road property... I wish REALTORS in this area were as organized, committed and creative as you... it would make buying and selling property a lot easier."   

 Gene Aitken

"While I do not know if your article & picture has prompted any other REALTORS to donate...I have gotten comments regarding your picture in HELP's newsletter - especially your kindness to us, and thinking "outside the box!" People are impressed with your giving a donation with each sale! Thanks again for supporting HELP - I love you guys!



"I was associated with Connie in the sale of units at the Fox Point Condominium in Egg Harbor, WI. Connie was the coordinator at my development, assisting me is sales and transfer administration. Connie was always dependable, with the utmost attention to detail. She returned all my calls promptly and followed through with any communication. Because Connie met ahead of time with the builders and their workmen, the "walk throughs" prior to the closings were as close to perfect as possible. No one will be more devoted to you or do a better and more thorough job than Connie."   

 Frank Aldridge Jr

"Connie had a no-nonsense approach to selling our home. She gave us an honest comparative market analysis, listed our home, and had a contract on it in less than two weeks! I appreciated her skill and help and would highly recommend Connie to anyone." 

John D. Ammons

"We had two other REALTORS trying to sell our Bed & Breakfast. The listing expired twice, with no buyer pending. Finally, a REALTOR upon whom you can depend, Connie, told us what to do to get our property sold, and she did it for full price, too! Pure and simple. We highly recommend Connie, she is a true professional."   

 Steve Miner and Leslie Farrar

"I’ve worked with Connie Erickson for over twenty years. She is an extraordinary professional with a keen eye for detail. There are never loose ends when Connie’s working the deal. Recently she handled the sale of my father’s estate in a tough, down market. Her innovative sales technique, dogged determination and caring demeanor led to a sale that was fair for seller and buyer alike. I strongly recommend her as one of Wisconsin’s top Realtors.” Former CEO of the Door County Chamber of Commerce." 

Bob Hastings

"We cannot imagine a real estate agent doing a better job for us than you did in this sale. Everything timely and complete; keeping us up-to-date on the progress, advising us on options, giving us your recommendations and bringing the purchase to as successful completion."   

 Bennie Burish


Connie Erickson's Core Values

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