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2009 Profile of Buyers and Sellers

1. New home construction and sales were down significantly during the recession, and home buyers purchased a high share of previously owned homes than at any point during the past decade.
2. Nationally home buyers moved a median 12 miles from their previous residence. There are slight regional differences. Buyers in the South moved a median of 13 miles from their previous residence, while buyers in the Northeast and Midwest typically moved 10 miles.
3. The typical home purchased was built in 1991.
4. Home buyers typically spend 12 weeks searching for a home and looked at 12 homes before deciding on their purchase. Before contacting and agent, home buyers spent about two weeks gathering their own information on the homes.
5. Internet users spent twice as much time searches for a home and visit three times as many homes. Connie with an upfront consultation appointment can cut that time in half because of her knowledge of the market. That way you have more time to enjoy the arts, crafts and environmental activities in Door County.
6. 9 out of 10 home buyers use the internet as one of the information sources in their home search process. A real estate agent is the second most frequently sided information source. The third most frequently used source is a yard sign.
7. In 2009, 13% of home buyers had a purchased agreement that was cancelled, terminated, or fell through. 90% of the buyers in their home search process used the internet, up 30% during the past 6 years.
8. 79% of home buyers using the internet bought their home through an agent.
9. First time buyers are less likely to use than repeat buyers.

How do buyers find a real estate agent:

1. 44% used a referral.
2. 10% use of an agent previously.
3. First time buyers tend to rely more on referrals (53%).
4. Repeat buyers are more likely to revisit and agent they have used before.
5. When choosing a real estate agent buyers rate honesty and trustworthiness as the two most important factors in selecting and agent.
6. 66% of home buyers indicated they would defiantly use the real estate agent again or recommend the agent.
7. An additional 22% said they would probably use the same agent or recommend the agent.

Source: National Association of REALTORS