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I love the phrase, “Adopt the ‘Hotel Philosophy’ to Stage Your Home”.  A house is not staged to sell the same way it is staged to live in.  When you decorate to live in your home, it is visually appealing as well as functional for your needs, interests, tastes and lifestyle.  However, when you stage to sell, stage your home to look like a luxury hotel.  In a hotel, you carry in a small bag of personal belongings…everything else you need is there and no unnecessary items clutter the space.  Everything is neat, clean and nothing is out of place…the bathroom sparkles, the floors are spotless, the beds are made, and there is no indication that any pet has ever crossed the threshold!  Pare down to the essentials!  All small personal decorates should be replaced with a single impact piece (no more than one) per room.  Remove all personal mementos, family photographs, refrigerator magnets and similar items.  Opt for lots of space and clear surfaces.

So, as your set the stage for your home to sell, ask yourself, “Does this room pass the ‘Hotel Test’?  Can a buyer imagine bringing in a few of their personal items and living here comfortably?  If the answer is yes, you have a properly staged home….and you have improved the odds that your home will sell faster and command a better price!


The Seniors Real Estate Specialist – January/February 2013