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Top Allergy Fighting Ideas from Mayo Clinic

AIR FILTRATION.  Choose an air filter that has small-particle or HEPA filter.  Clean or replace the filters in the central heating and cooling systems and air conditioning units.  Keep the humidity low and temperature around 70 degrees to help fight mold and dust mites.

FLOORING.  Remove carpeting and use hardwood, ceramic or linoleum flooring.  Wash area rugs and shampoo carpets.

PLANTS.  Spread aquarium gravel over the dirt in potted plants to help contain mold.

FOOD WASTE.  Place garbage in can with an insect proof lid and empty trash daily.

KITCHEN & BATH.  Scrub with bleach to clean mold form the fixtures, tub and shower.  Clean or replace moldy shower curtains and bath mats.

Source:  National Association of REALTORS, REALTOR Magazine (Mar/Apr 2012).