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Here's a quick look at the over-all market stats for the first month of 2012:

In the first month of 2012, our Door County Multiple Listing Service posted 26 sales. Of the twenty-six, 13 were property sales in Northern Door County. 

These 13 sales shake out like this...

  • Commercial Properties - 1 sale at $150K
  • Residential Waterfront - 1 sale at $300K
  • Residential Inland - 5 sales at an average sale price of $262K
  • Residential Inland with Water View - 1 sale at $650K
  • There were 5 Vacant Inland (lot) sales.  Of the 5, one was a Vacant Lot with Water View that sold for $290K.  The remaining 4 lots had an average sale price of $46K.