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Each year at this time, I post Door County's annual real estate market statistics on my site.  In reviewing the information, I found it interesting that...


...of the 291 inland home sales (county-wide) reported in 2011, the majority of the sales were under $300,000 with the most (63) in the $100,000 to $149,999 range.  Of the 64 waterfront home sales, the majority were under $600,000.  The three top price ranges for residential waterfront were:  $100,000 to $149,999 (7 sales), $300,000 to $349,999 (9 sales), and $550,000 - $599,999 (8 sales).  

There were 91 residential condominium sales, most were in the $100,000 to $299,999 range.  Of the 37 hotel condominium sales, most were below $100,000.

There were 12 vacant waterfront sales...all below $300,000 and 84 vacant inland sales, the majority (48) under $50,000.

There were 27 commercial property sales reported in 2011.  One was over $1,000,000 with the remaining under $400,000 and the majority (22) under $200,000.

You can view up to date Door County real estate market trends and reports on my web site!  If you'd like to discuss them, give me a call.  I LOVE talking real estate!