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My friend, Laura Seefeldt, Johnson Bank, shared the following good new with me today. Even with the stock market news, there is some good news for the housing market!!!

"On The heels of yesterdays 500+ drop in the DOW, unemployment figures were released this morning with surprisingly good results.  117,000 new jobs were created in the private sector last month, much better than expected.  The result was a lowering of the unemployment rate to 9.1% from the previous months 9.2%.  So the roller coaster continues and I thought I would share a rate sheet today to give you an idea where rates stand.  Historically low!!"

Home loan interest rates are still VERY APPEALING... 15 year fixed at 3.4% with jumbo loan rates on 15 year fixed at 3.875%!  THIS IS GOOD NEWS FOR THE HOUSING MARKET...NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY!