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The National Association of Home Builders suggest the following to shave $200 to $400 off energy bills:

AUTOMATED HVAC SYSTEMS.  According to Energy Star, programmable thermostats can save consumers about $180 per year in energy costs.

WATER HEATERS.  Tankless gas water heaters turn on when residents star using hot water and turn off when there’re done.  This can reduce water heating cots up to 35% annually.  Adding a timer to an existing water heater is also a good idea, as it can be programmed to turn off when the home owner is away.

LIGHTING.  Automatic dimmers will adjust lighting on the time of day, which is extremely beneficial for exterior lighting.

BLINDS AND DRAPES.  Automated blinds are an eco-savvy development in window treatments.  Program shades to close during the hottest part of the day in summer and let sun in during winter.

Source:  National Association of REALTORS, REALTOR Magazine (Mar/Apr 2012).