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Municipal sewer and water are available in the Village of Sister Bay and in the City of Sturgeon Bay.  Private wells are required in the rural areas of Door County as well in the towns and villages that offer municipal sewer only.   I recently had the opportunity to ask one of Door County’s most reputable well drillers, Euclid Well Drilling, common questions on wells that I receive when selling real estate.



Q:  What does a well cost?

A:  On average, a complete new well and pressure system runs approximately $8,000.00.

Q:  How deep are wells in Door County? 

A:  The average depth is 240’.  However, each area can be different…from 100’ deep in Little Sturgeon to over 300’ deep in the Monument Point area.

Q:  Are there areas in Door County that require deeper wells than other areas?

A:  The Department of Natural Resources requires different amounts of casing in different areas.

Q:  How long does a well last? 

A:  Wells should last many, many years.  It is the pressure system that wears out.  The pumps last anywhere from 10 to 20 years.

Q:  What is “blue shale”?  How does it affect wells?  Where is it found?

A:  Blue shale is soft rock.  We normally put our casing below the blue shale since it is soft and will flake off and actually make the water cloudy.  It can collapse and fall in on the pump.  It is usually found near the shorelines.


Mark and Cindy Euclid of Euclid Well Drilling can be contacted by email at:  [email protected]