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Tips for Keeping Your Best Friend Calm Amid the Chaos



Whenever you face a major change in your life, from changing jobs to moving houses, you experience a gauntlet of emotions. You might feel anxious about the unknown, or worried if you’re making the right choice. You probably also feel excited, ready for the adventure that the next chapter holds. But did you know there is another individual feeling all these emotions—and possibly even more than you are?

Look no further than your furry best friend. Dogs feel stress just like people do. Your dog has likely picked up on your emotional oscillation, which makes him feel more anxious. On top of all that, the boxes and busyness probably also has Fido more on edge than usual. His excitement and anxiety is sure to peak on moving day—a day your mind will likely be occupied and engaged elsewhere. Here are a few tips to make sure moving day runs smoothly for your dog:


  • Hire a Dog Sitter: Consider hiring a trained dog trainer to sit with your dog on moving day. By choosing a professional, you know your dog is in the hands of someone capable of providing healthy distractions and helping your pup relax. If a professional isn’t an option, think about paying a good friend that your dog trusts to keep him occupied on moving day.
  • Call a Dog Walker: Out of sight, out of mind works for dogs, too. Booking a dog walking pro for a few hours on moving day could be a great way to get Fido out of the house and help him expend some of that pent up nervous energy. It’s not uncommon for dogs to display their stress both physically and behaviorally. You may have noticed your dog is having trouble making bowel movements, or has reverted to destructive behaviors like chewing or scratching. Science shows that walking provides the kind of mental and emotional relief for dogs that will help you reduce stress on moving day.
  • Pre-Move Your Dog: One option to consider is to go ahead and move your dog first. This only works if you’re moving to a new place within the same day, and planning on going by the new house enough times throughout the move to let him out for bathroom breaks. Your dog may feel stressed being alone in a new place, so if you choose this option, you’ll want to make sure to move your dog’s bed, toys, food and water bowls, and other items with a familiar scent so that he is reassured of his new environment.
  • Pick a Safety Spot: Part of the anxiety that Fido feels has to do with the unknown. Prepare a safe space for your dog to observe the action without being in it. For example, you can move everything out of your guest room, leave the door open, and put up a baby gate. Move your dog’s bed, food, water and favorite toys into the room with him so that he can watch the action and still have access to soothing familiarity.
  • Board Your Dog: For a dog that can’t shake the stress, getting him out of the house entirely might be the only way to manage moving day. Take your pup to doggy daycare or leave him with an in-home dog boarding pro while you take care of moving out of your current home and into a new place. Your pup will enjoy a normal, regular day at daycare without the added stress of witnessing a major change take place that could potentially cause unintentional distress.

Moving is stressful enough for us humans, but as a dog-owner, you know that reassurance is crucial during these kinds of major upheavals. Take the time to prepare your dog and work on a moving day scenario that fits his personality and needs.


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