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Home Sale Statistics

by Connie Erickson
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The Nation Association of REALTORS, in their April monthly Wisconsin Housing Report, reported sales of existing homes fell 18.5% in March compared to the same time last year. One has to be cautious when looking at these statistics because the stats are being compared with the same time last year when the home buyer tax credit was offered. This really is not an apples to apples comparison.

Existing home prices in the Northeast dropped 11.2%. It is important to remember that real estate markets are local.

The unemployment figures in Door County for the month of March improved slightly, but will improve largely as the summer approaches with the seasonal activity of the vacation market. Those who are buying recognize the opportunity to capitalize on the excellent interest rates and the fact that our market sale prices have decreased approximately 5 to 10%.

My personal activity is greater than the years’ before, and I anticipate a much better year in 2011 than 2010. While I remain cautiously optimistic, if one is priced correctly and teamed with a REALTOR with an aggressive marketing program, those combinations will obtain the Contract for Sale. The next and final step is getting it closed. So when you are looking for a REALTOR to select, ask the REALTOR how many Contracts (accepted Offers) they have had this year AND how many of those contracts closed. My contract to contract closed ratio, year to date is 100%.

Rush Hour in Fish Creek



5:37 AM - Tues., April 19, 2011
In front of the Door Community Auditorium


Remodeling Cost vs. Value

by Connie Erickson
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According to a recent article in "The Residential Specialist", the top home improvement projects that gave the highest return on investment in 2010 were: entry door replacement, garage door replacement, siding, wood deck addition, minor kitchen remodel, window replacement, attic bedroom remodel, and basement remodel. (March/April 2011) Eight of these ten items were exterior replacement projects, which "generally perform better because they are among the least expensive projects to complete and are nondiscretionary improvements that contribute to curb appeal, a strong subjective factor among homebuyers" the article explained. Two home improvements projects that recouped the least were home office remodels and sunroom additions.


by Connie Erickson
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Pier Registration Deadline Is April 1, 2011

Waterfront property owners with larger piers must register their piers with the DNR by April 1, 2011 to ensure their piers will be "grandfathered" from new size limits adopted by the State of Wisconsin in 2004.

Generally, a pier will need to be registered if it:

(a) is wider than 6 ft, but less than 8 ft in width

(b) has a platform at the end of the pier that has a surface area of less than 300 ft (w/ a max. width of 10 feet)


(c) more than 2 boat slips for the first 50 feet of shoreline frontage and 1 boat slip for each additional 50 feet of shoreline frontage.

To register a pier, a waterfront property owner must complete and mail a registration form to the DNR. To obtain a copy of the registration form and to find out more information about which piers need to be registered, please visit the DNR's website at: 

Waterway & Wetland Permits: Piers, Docks and Wharves.


by Connie Erickson
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So far this year, Door County’s Northern Door real estate market is showing a slight decline compared to last year.  As I look at the sales statistics for the period of January 1 through March 17, there were 38 closed sales reported to the Door County Multiple Listing Service in 2010 and 28 closed sales reported this year.  On a whole, the number of reported sales is less than last year, however, inland home sales are nearly double; 7 in 2011 vs. 13 reported this year.  The stats also indicate the list price to sale price ratio is up slightly for inland homes.  Last year, during these first three months, the sales reported were at 89.96% of list price.  This year, the ratio is up to 91.73%.  This does not mean the values are up, it merely indicates that the listing prices are closer to what Buyers are willing to pay.

I will be updating my market stats after the first quarter stats are in.  Watch early April for the updated report on my web site.

As you know, I LOVE TALKING REAL ESTATE…So if you ever have questions about Door County’s real estate market, do not hesitate to call me.Smile


by Connie Erickson


This morning, Bob & I took a ride through Peninsula State Park.  There was 6 inches of freshly fallen snow and we were blessed to be the first tracks!

This why we love living and working in beautiful Door County!



by Connie Erickson
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Municipal sewer and water are available in the Village of Sister Bay and in the City of Sturgeon Bay.  Private wells are required in the rural areas of Door County as well in the towns and villages that offer municipal sewer only.   I recently had the opportunity to ask one of Door County’s most reputable well drillers, Euclid Well Drilling, common questions on wells that I receive when selling real estate.



Q:  What does a well cost?

A:  On average, a complete new well and pressure system runs approximately $8,000.00.

Q:  How deep are wells in Door County? 

A:  The average depth is 240’.  However, each area can be different…from 100’ deep in Little Sturgeon to over 300’ deep in the Monument Point area.

Q:  Are there areas in Door County that require deeper wells than other areas?

A:  The Department of Natural Resources requires different amounts of casing in different areas.

Q:  How long does a well last? 

A:  Wells should last many, many years.  It is the pressure system that wears out.  The pumps last anywhere from 10 to 20 years.

Q:  What is “blue shale”?  How does it affect wells?  Where is it found?

A:  Blue shale is soft rock.  We normally put our casing below the blue shale since it is soft and will flake off and actually make the water cloudy.  It can collapse and fall in on the pump.  It is usually found near the shorelines.


Mark and Cindy Euclid of Euclid Well Drilling can be contacted by email at:  [email protected]


by Connie Erickson
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When working with both my Buyer and my Seller clients, I do my very best to keep surprises from occurring after we’ve entered into a Contract for Sale.  One item I discuss is the Door County Private Waste Disposal System Ordinance.  This ordinance affects all of our rural properties.

Door County’s Private Waste Disposal System Ordinance requires existing private septic systems to be evaluated prior to the transfer of ownership.  It is the seller’s responsibility to have the system inspected and pays the costs associated with the inspection.  A licensed soil testing does the inspection and submits a written report to the Door County Sanitarian’s office.  The sanitarian will personally inspect the system and make a final determination of passing or failing.

According to Chris Olson of the Door County Sanitarian’s office, over the past 5 to 10 years, the ratio of passing to failing systems has been approximately 80:20.  Of the 20% of systems that failed, approximately 80% of them failed because they were installed prior to 1975 and were in unsuitable soil conditions.  Chris also pointed out that steel holding tanks over 20 years old are also likely to fail.

If after an inspection, a system is deemed failing, the property owner will be required to replace the system within one year of the inspection date.  When buying or selling Door County real estate, I can help you through this process and make sure that we properly deal with the inspection as well as the situation of a failing system in an Offer to Purchase.

Lender Rules Are A Revolving Door

by Connie Erickson
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According to Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist for the National Association of REALTORS, real estate sales in the US in 2010 were equal to the number of sales in 2000, yet the US population dropped by 27,000,000 since 2000.  (2011, REALTOR magazine).  As I wrote in my January newsletter, the Door County MLS reported a 5% increase in the number of reported sales in 2010 over 2009, however both years maintained 26% of properties listed for sale actually sold.

After 27 years in the real estate business and selling 60 to 100 properties a year in Door County, I'd like to think that there is not too much the I haven't seen.  However, these last couple of years it has been hard to get a handle on lenders and their financing requirements.  This is a revolving door of rules and regulations.  If your credit score is 640 you might get a loan, but you are in a better position if your score is higher.  Now, more than ever, it is vital that you speak with a local lender before you move forward with looking at real estate, even if you have cash for a big down payment.  I recently had a well qualified buyer with cash to pay for a property he wanted to purchase.  However, he wanted to financing the purchase.  The offer was made, subject to financing (which we anticipated would happen fast due to his cash position), but on the last day, he was turned down!   Even if you're "golden", have cash, and good credit, I strongly recommend....see a local lender first.  When you're ready, call me first.  I work with local lenders daily and can help you through the process.

4 Factors Involved in Selling Your Property

by Connie Erickson
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The saying, "Location, Location, Location" holds true in Door County as in other markets. We are blessed with a variety of beauty throughout Door County and a diversity of buyers...some wanting waterfront, others preferring secluded acreage, and still others wanting a Village setting. Buyers will generally pay more for properties that feature a great view.

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The faster you sell your property, the better. And research has shown that the faster selling properties are those that are priced right from the start.
Properties that are priced above the market take longer to sell and, in the end, tend to sell for less than they should have sold for if priced at the market value in the first place.

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New properties have a marketing edge over resale properties because they are clean and in pristine condition. When we work together as a Seller and Agent Team, I will share my staging DVD with you and my talents to help you stage your property for success.

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Agent Marketing/Effort

The agent you choose can dramatically affect how fast your property sells and how much.

I have 27 years experience and pride myself with superior market knowledge. I have a great reputation with other agents, which means your property will get plenty of exposure. We, at the Erickson Team, are proactive in our marketing efforts, not reactive. We also have strong records of customer/client satisfaction in our market place.

Displaying blog entries 781-790 of 811




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